Unleashing a sonic storm from the seacoast of New Hampshire, just a stone’s throw north of Boston, THE STRANGEROOS are a force to be reckoned with. Their music is a wild, untamed beast, a fusion of raw power and infectious fun, teetering on the edge of danger yet always grounded in gritty authenticity.

Led by guitarist/vocalist Mike Strange, their sound is a double dose of rock with a cowpunk/alt-country twist.   The Creep (bass & vocals), Ego Burns (drums), and Rusty Crank (rhythm guitar)  join Mike to set the stage ablaze with their own eclectic style.  Check out their debut EP “Six Shots of Strange” released in 2024!

THE STRANGEROOS are itchin' to bring their electrifying live performance to you.  To experience their raw, unfiltered energy, reach out to FLING ROCKS RECORDS, book the 'roos, and brace yourself for a musical experience that’s anything but ordinary.